Used car sales surge in Tamaulipas due to chip shortage

One of the sectors that has been affected by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic has been the automotive sector, due to the measures taken by companies dedicated to the manufacture of microprocessors that are used in the assembly of new vehicles, which has resulted in a shortfall in the number of units reaching agencies around the world.

As a result, used car sales have seen a significant rebound, with the cost of units also registering an increase of between 20-30%.

“Since there is a shortage of microprocessors internationally, it has benefited us more in second-hand sales, because in the agencies of certain brands they have taken longer with deliveries because there is a shortage units,” said Daniel Barba Quirarte, AP Preowned Business Advisor.

He explains that customers go to the agencies to buy a new car and that because of the delivery time, they decide to buy a used one.

He also said that there are those who accompany them to sell a high-end car and acquire another in lower segments and at affordable prices, with the aim of saving fuel and being able to capitalize.

The used vehicle expert explained that one of the points that the customer takes into account is to obtain a unit with a low displacement and improve fuel efficiency, sacrificing space, equipment and added value, SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) being the fastest growing segment today.

“We have an average sale of 45 to 50 cars per month, it has increased month after month despite the fact that prices have increased; many people are getting closer to knowing that there has been an increase in the price of vehicles, they are offered more for their car than they leave as a deposit, which makes it easier for them to pay off the one they take, ”explains Daniel Barba.

He reported that just as it happens with new cars, the used car category is also starting to show a shortage as demand outstrips supply, causing its price to rise.

He added that foreign buyers from municipalities close to the region, such as Cerro Azul, Pánuco and Ébano, come to Tampico to look for used cars.

The arrival time of auto parts triples

The automotive market presented a gap not only in the production of new cars, but also of spare parts derived from the effects of the pandemic around the world.

The manager of the service of the “Taller Ávila” Jorge Luis Vite Vargas, explained that as a repair and maintenance center they register a shortage of spare parts coming from the factory, a situation that has been more constant in vehicles assembled in France.

“The delivery time at the moment because of the issue of the pandemic, because if it took 30 to 40 days, they go up to 90, but these are very special cases, we are talking about the best of every 100 cars, 2 or 3 battles with the parts assortment,” the department head said.

He added that there is a special situation with some recent makes and models, which are supposed to have sufficient stock of spare parts, but they are struggling to supply the parts and it takes up to seven months to get the parts. auto parts and do the repair.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to those who seek to acquire a second-hand vehicle, to take into account the mechanical conditions of the device and to consider the maintenance or repair costs which in certain cases could be expensive.

“First of all it’s looking at the engine and transmission, which is the most important thing in the car, from there we’re going to look at what the suspension is to see how good it is. may be damaged and based on that determine the price of the car,” says auto mechanic expert Jorge Vite.

He presented as an example, the maintenance or repair of the cooling system which can cost between 10 and 15 thousand pesos depending on the model and brand of the car. Regarding vehicles that are easier to sell because they are commercial brands and inexpensive parts, he cited the Versa, Vento and Aveo models.

“The automotive aesthetic of the car is very important because sometimes as consumers we go through the question of how we see it from the outside, instead of looking at it directly from the inside, c i.e. the engine and transmission, which is the most expensive thing you can get get out a repair,” he said.

He suggested that when buying a used vehicle from a dealership or privately, consult a trusted mechanic to make a safe purchase and reiterated that it is important to check the engine, transmission, suspension, cooling system, tire and interior conditions. exterior of the car in general.

Public transport opts for Chinese vehicles

The steady influx of agencies offering new Asian vehicles is beginning to gain traction in the South Tamaulipas market, with public transport dealers seeing an opportunity for savings and performance in the use of these units.

Lorena Maya Báez, Commercial Director of Baic, points out that Chinese cars are revolutionizing the market because they are a good option in terms of quality and cost and offer good equipment, space and safety; Plus, list prices, as well as maintenance and parts, are cheap.

“Customers are coming in looking for cars that don’t have such big engines, in this case they’re for public transport, it’s a car that’s going to be in constant motion all day, all week. , so they’re looking for ways to save,” he explained. .

He mentioned that in the first half of this 2022 they recorded an increase in sales of up to 35% compared to the same period of the previous year, indicating that customers wishing to acquire a sedan or a hatchback for family use or for public transport, it is due to its performance and that it complies with the checklist established by the transport authorities.

Regarding the widespread belief that products from China are of poor quality, he differed, pointing out that this is a perception that Mexicans have had for a long time, which he nevertheless considers difficult to eradicate, and regarding cars, he said people are starting to accept them.

“I can tell you that there are a lot of cars of different brands that are in direct competition with mine and I’m telling you, my car doesn’t demand anything from the others, maybe they don’t have as many advertising at least in the country, but the truth is that if you go to Latin America, we have customers who have been to Latin America, they come to look for the brand because it is widely sold there, it is very good, so they already come with the idea of ​​acquiring a vehicle,” said the sales manager of the dealership located in Tampico.

Finally, he indicated that when it comes to inventory, they have not been as affected by the delays experienced by the automotive industry, since in their case they take an average of 15 working days to deliver compared to other agencies that offer wait times of two to three months. . _


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