The car brands that have the best technology in 2022

Since the creation of car, the brands have endeavored to offer solutions and equipment to offer the greatest comfort on board. Although it has been going on for decades, there has been a revolution in recent years that has made vehicles have some truly futuristic technologies.

Thus, today’s cars offer an unprecedented on-board experience. Unlike beforewhether they are luxury cars, they have full technological equipment.

Currentlynew automotive technology is one of the main reasons to buy. When innovation is executed effectively in a vehicle, it positively influences the owner’s decision to purchase another vehicle equipped with the same technology.

Of course, by offering advanced technological content, vehicles present an increase in problems encountered, according to the study 2022 JD Power Technology Experience Index in the United States (TXI) made in the USA.

How do you measure the level of technology in a car?

In general, this analysis measures the problems encountered in 35 automotive technologies, which are divided into four categories: convenience; emerging automation; energy and sustainability; and infotainment and connectivity. Only technologies classified as advanced are eligible for the award.

To obtain this information, JD Power asks vehicle owners who have the most advanced technologies in their 2022 model year vehicle after three months of ownership. Each of the technologies is prioritized by level of advancement, innovation and variation in vehicle content to ensure that all respondents answer questions about their most advanced technology.

Among the advanced technologies included in the study in 2022, 46% of them had at least one problem per 100 vehicles (PP100) to the most confusing attribute and some have passed it multiple times. A low score of PP100 indicates better quality.


One of the highest functionality scores in the study goes to the phone-based digital key, which is also ranked in the top three by owners who want the technology in their next vehicle.

By contrast, the fingerprint reader is the most problematic technology in the study’s history, beating interior gesture controls, which previously held the record for being the worst-performing technology during each of the two last years. .

Agree with JD Power, technological desires are similar in different parts of the world, however, future interest in these innovations varies by country. For example, electric vehicle-based technologies are among the top five researched trends United States. Whereas China there is more interest in infotainment and connectivity technologies, while safety automation technologies rank in the top five among owners in Japan.

Which car brands have the best technology?

According to the unofficial score ofand JD Power Tesla It is the brand that offers the best technological experience, with an innovation index of 681 points (on a scale of 1000 points). However, because Tesla Motors does not allow JD Power access owner information in states where such permission is required by law, vehicles You’re here are not eligible for the prizes.

Genesis ranks first overall and first among luxury brands with an innovation index of 643. In the premium segment, Cadillac (584) ranks second and Mercedes-Benz (539) third.

Hyundai ranks No. 1 among mainstream brands with a score of 534. Hyundai (495) takes second place, while Buick (482), GMC (482) and Subaru (482) they take third place in a tie.


The car brands that offer the best technological experience

Genesis – 643 dots

cadillac- 584 dots

Mercedes-Benz – 539 points

hyundai – 534 stitches

VOLVO – 526 points

BMW- 516 dots

land rover – 509 points

Kia – 495 points

Infinite- 492 dots

lexus- 491 stitches

The cars with the most innovative technology

Better comfort technology

cadillac-escalade – mirror with camera

subaru ascent mirror with camera

best automation technology

Lexus IS – front cross traffic warning

Mitsubishi Outlander – reverse automatic emergency braking

Best energy and sustainable technology

Mini Cooper – single pedal driving

Better infotainment technology and connectivity

BMW X3 – phone based digital key

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