Should I update Android Auto in my car?

After several weeks in open beta, Android Auto is now update to version 7.8. It is a stable and official update, so you do not need an APK to install it, although if it does not arrive you can also use this option. Given this new version, or any other that may appear, one of the questions that can arise is whether it is necessary to update it or not.

We tell you what new features it incorporates, if you need to update the application and how you can do it in case you finally decide to carry it out. And if it hasn’t already been updated.

New in Android Auto 7.8

Currently, the stable version of Android Auto 7.8 has arrived in the application stores of many users of this service. This is a cumulative update with bug fixes. bugs and performance improvements for a better user experience. At the level of functionality no big changes.

In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the car UI dark mode is now more phone independent and the Do Not Disturb feature has been refined. We can’t see the interface yet cool walk, which will likely arrive during the summer months. This will most likely appear as a big change in version 8, if not before.

If you’ve been waiting for Coolwalk and it hasn’t arrived, or wondering if this update is necessary due to the few changes you’ll see there, we answer that question. It will also be useful for later versions.

Only worry about updating on mobile

In this update and in any update made in Android Auto, it is recommended to update it. Although the application does not undergo any major changes in functionality, one of the main reasons to update this application is the performance and security improvements brought by the new updates. If you don’t update, you can put yourself at risk.

Android Auto updates usually have no visible news, but these are usually included in the code and are prepared for Google to gradually activate for their users. Having the latest version does not mean you have the news, but for To access it, you will need to update the app. Therefore, it is important that you update it as soon as possible.

It is recommended to do always on the latest stable version, which you can find in the Google App Store. You can also do this when they are not stable or official, but the main reason to wait for them to hit your app store is that they are not released to all users at once in case there is would have issues or bugs that you didn’t. Please be aware that these have been counted to affect as few users as possible.

Although you can wait a few days after officially installing the update, especially if you are one of the people who have been experiencing freezing issues lately to make sure it doesn’t happen again, it’s better to have it as soon as possible. possible to avoid major security issues. In addition, in each update you will see the improvements that interest you.

This is all the more important for people who have never installed it or do it very rarely, because their mobiles could be in danger. Cybercriminals take advantage of any vulnerability to break into users’ computers and achieve their goals.

As it concerns if you need to update it in your car or what you should do about it, the truth is you don’t have to do anything about it. You only have to worry about updating it on your smartphone because when it is connected to your car you will already have the latest version. If you do not know how to do it, we will tell you about it in the next lines.

How to update to the latest version

To update Android Auto to the latest version, you will need to:

  • Open Play Store
  • Check if you the app is updated
  • You can search for it directly

  • You can also access your account to manage apps and device and see available updates
  • If you see a new version, click update
  • You can also have automatic updates (you can give the 3 dots at the top right and give the update)
  • Connect your mobile to the car for this update to reach this


What if you can’t find it or if it starts to give you problems?

If you can’t find this or any other update and want to have it now, what you can do is download and install APK which you will find here to update the app manually. You just need to find the latest version compatible with your vehicle. Either way, you can also wait for it to be in your app store since it should be there when it arrives.

If an update causes problems for your mobile or the Android Auto application, you can always download the APK of the previous version which worked correctly. Although that doesn’t mean you still have outdated Android Auto. After a few days, try again or do it in the next stable update.

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