Prisoner with benefits: the judge gave a car to the clerk García to go to work

HOSTEL. Justice generally has its contradictions when it comes to arranging the advantages implied by the reincarceration of convicts who access the period of parole.

In some cases, magistrates tend to be lazier with these evidentiary processes; and in others, noticeably condescending, influenced, perhaps, by the “customer face” claiming the benefit.

In the past few hours, the controversial decision of a chambers judge who – in solitude and ignoring the dissenting vote of his court colleagues and the prosecutor himself – decided to give contested privileges to the notary and murderer Adriana García so that she conforms to her from the women’s prison (UP5) of Villa Lanús de Posadas, to the freight transport company where she has worked for several months.

The resolution dates from last August 3 and was issued by the president of the Criminal Court 1 of Posadas, Viviana Gladis Cukla, in an incident where the convict García asked her for a car to go to work in the offices of a transport well known from the old route 213.

García, in the reasons for his request to his friend the magistrate Cukla, tells him that he works every day from 07:00 to 19:00, and that the requested vehicle (a modern Citröen C3), must “be considered as a work tool , is added to the shortcomings presented by the public transport service…”. the mañana of the cárcel de Mujeres y tomarse al menos dos colectivos para llegar took place of work.

Recall that García (63 years old) is serving a life sentence for being criminally responsible for the murder of her ex-husband, the lawyer Guillermo José Valdez (50 years old), which occurred in 2003, in a family residence in the center of Posadas . The first correctional court even reduced her sentence for the application of “educational stimulation” and it was there that she began to enjoy parole and her reintegration into the labor market as a worker with a dependency relationship.

Valdez’s murder is remembered as one of the bloodiest crimes in missionary history. And they were also found guilty of this act both the notary Garcia, and Bertoldo Neumann Rojas and the friend of the latter, Jorge “Mosquito” Ramírez.

A few years ago, García benefited from the regime of transitional departures, because she served 15 years in prison. Currently, he works in a private company and that is why he benefits from a semi-freedom regime, which allows him to get out of prison every day and then return to prison.

The woman also benefits from two transitory monthly releases of 48 hours each, for which she received a series of requirements, such as residing in the exposed family home and returning to the prison at the agreed time, among others.

Cukla’s Favors and the Tablado Affair

The advantage that the young magistrate Cukla (40 years old) granted to García occurs in the midst of the social unrest that triggered the arrival of the fearsome femicide Fabián Tablado in Posadas, in search of a permanent residence in the city, supervised by a Christian church which recruits parishioners in the prisons of our province. Tablado carries on his shoulders the brutal femicide paternity against his girlfriend Carolina Aló, whom he killed with 113 stab wounds in 1996. His eventual residence in Misiones triggered immediate social rejection from much of the community, despite the fact that the man has already served his sentence.

It is perhaps for this reason that Cukla’s decision to organize an unorthodox benefit for the notary public also drew sustained criticism from several officials and magistrates of the missionary judiciary.

First because, strangely, the maid Cukla quickly cut herself to grant a car to the prisoner García, while there is still more than a year before she can access her freedom to serve her sentence. .

In addition to this, in the resolution, Cukla scorned the position of two of his colleagues who substitute for Criminal Court 1, Judges Cesar Yaya and Carlos Giménez, who not only rejected the request, but also warned him that the doctors of the forensic body of the judiciary raised a “negative medico-psychological-social diagnosis” so that García moves practically unchecked, through the streets of Posadas.

The court’s prosecutor, Martín Rau, when heard about the incident, was also decisive: they must “verify compliance with all the legal and technical requirements necessary for driving the vehicle …”, recommended the representative of the public prosecutor, by dealing with the unfavorable psychological diagnoses which appear in the file.

But Cukla, empowered in his judiciary, on the basis of the resolution, argued that prosecutor Rau considered that “it is not for him to issue an opinion on the subject in question, since it is about ‘a matter outside the functions entrusted to him’. . And in addition to this, he criticized him for “not detailing the requirements to which he refers”, when prosecutor Rau said that before responding to García’s request, compliance with all the necessary legal and technical requirements to access such a benefit as an inmate must be verified serving his sentence.

A car for the murderous scribe

The truth is that Judge Cukla managed to impose her decision and that the murderous notary already has in her possession and drives a modern Citröen C3 to and from prison, for her professional outings and for the weekends she uses to bond with family and friends.

In the case of analysis, several curious facts also emerge. For example, that García’s ties with his professional colleagues are still well-oiled. The Citröen sedan, with estate located in Posadas, belongs to the president of the Notarial Association of Posadas, De las Nieves Miriam Larrea, who granted a driving license in favor of Adriana García on 07/28/2022, a week before Cukla raises the official letter to the Provincial Penitentiary Service, ordering the inmate to be able to conveniently drive her car and make room for her transportation to park.

Who is Viviana Cukla? Criminal Court 1 President Cuckla has just worked as a secretary for six years in the Superior Court of Justice, where she has developed a meteoric career due to her oiled contacts in the highest court, many of whom are officials with a relationship. of narrow power. with the Concord Renewal Front.

Legislative approval of his appointment was in July last year. To his credit, it should also be noted that he is a triathlete, and that he has been on the podium in high-level competitions, such as in 2017 when he was third in his category at the Itaipu Sunset Challenge, which brought together hundreds of triathletes. of the entire region (1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running). In 2018 he participated in a world competition in Slovakia, a half Ironman.

Those who know Cukla intimately also mention the ambition he would display – with some recklessness – when selecting his new friends from the “red circle”, where he would seek to rise socially among the wealthiest families of the upper class. posada company. Perhaps his relationship and his devotion to the orders of Notary Public Garcia are part of this web of suspicion and advantage.


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