How to avoid damaging your car’s engine during the rainy season

The Rainy season It’s not over yet and we all know what that means. potholes, more Traffic and floods. Given the situation, it is important to be warned and to adopt good habits to prevent the engine from car be damaged and reach our destination with Security.

If you live in big cities like Mexico City You have surely seen for yourself that the rainy they always cause problems and that it is better to change our driving style a little.

And if the subject of Security you are not convinced, know that it costs about 160,000 pesos to repair the flood damage, According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions, that’s why we bring you this series of tips.

Why is it important to change driving mode in the rainy season?

We all love being able to ride on an open avenue where we can accelerate (without going over the limit, of course) while enjoying the road. But in times of rain that is not possible.

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The main reason why we should change our driving style when it is it is raining Indeed, as the insurance company Wibe explains, asphalt has less friction when wet, which increases the possibility of suffering a accident.

Another problem is the floods which, taken lightly, can seriously harm our vehicle.

In view of this the tips The basics we need to follow are:

Check your car. In this season, you need to pay special attention to spark plugs, oil, filters, battery, headlights and, of course, the brakes and the tiresOn this last point, check the pressure because without the right level you will lose grip.

Keep your distance. Although brakes of you car work correctly, remember that they are less effective when it is raining. To this we must add that the visibility is lower, so it keeps a greater distance with the Vehicles who are ahead.

Watch out for puddles. From your perspective, an accumulation of water may appear to be just one puddle, but it’s best to avoid it if you have no way of knowing how deep it is.

Prevents windows from fogging up. In addition to checking that your wiper is working properly, you can apply a little alcohol, silica gel or even shampoo to the inside of the glass with a dry cloth to prevent it from getting stuck and sticking. loss of visibility.

Hold the steering wheel firmly. This way you will stay in control at all times, especially in this complicated situation. And, in case you car slippage due to rain Avoid accelerating and braking and, if necessary, prepare for a crash by placing your skull on the headrest, but don’t close your eyes or let go of the steering wheel.

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How do I prevent rain from damaging my car?

Don’t take the risk, follow these tips to be safe while traveling rain:

– The best thing is that you try to find another way so you don’t have to enter the water.

– If there is no option, try to calculate the depth of the water, to do this, explains the Nexu company, take poles, road signs or traffic lights as a reference. Consider that the air intake, almost in all carsis located next to engine and if water covers the grill or reaches the hood, you will damage it.

– If you are going to go through a flood, turn off the lights to avoid a short circuit. But only when crossing, if visibility is poor, try driving with the turn signals on.

– Circulate slowly to prevent water from reaching areas that compromise the functioning of your car. The recommendation is to drive at around 15 kilometers per hour.

– Try to go to the center aisle as the aisles are designed so that the water moves to the sides.

– Always keep the clutch and accelerator depressed to prevent water from entering the engine because the exhaust will give off gases at all times preventing the passage of water. And if you have to stop, put your car neutral to continue accelerating without moving forward.

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Once you have passed the puddle:

– Try it brakes. Brake slowly and steadily to remove moisture so they’re ready when you really need them.

– If you car turned off, do not turn it on, it is likely that water has entered one of the cylinders and may enter the engine. It’s best to call a tow truck or contact your insurance so they can tell you what to do. And, if possible, it is best to get out of your vehicle and get to safety because a current could drag you and your cart.

– If you have to stop because of the rain do not park under trees or objects that could cause accidents.

– Once the rain has passed and you are at home, take it to wash your car Because when the water evaporates, the remains of dust, mud and dirt can peel off the paint and damage the surfaces. tires.

What to do if you are blocked by a flood?

Following the tips above the odds you car ran aground in a flood they will be minor, but if you face this situation, follow these steps:

If you car it’s still on but it’s not moving forward, most likely it’s lost its grip on the pavement. In this case, do not accelerate sharply or move the steering wheel as you risk getting water into the engine. The best thing, if possible, is to push him to a safe area or wait for help.

If you car it got flooded in the parking lot don’t try to move it, best to call your insurance.

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Finally, before reusing your car the best thing to do is to wait a few days and give it a general overhaul to make sure there are no problems. damage important.

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