Echo Auto, this summer’s co-pilot is Alexa

Traveling by car is one of the most notable options in the summer. The recommendations are mainly aimed at safety and the prevention of distracted driving, in this scenario the technological aid offered by Amazon is presented as a leading option.

We are talking about Auto echo, the first device in its category designed specifically for the road. It incorporates eight microphones and long-range technology, so it is able to listen to the driver despite car noises such as air conditioning or music.

One of the important advantages is that to use it you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road, which helps to respect the rules of the road and help the driver in a simple way: using voice commands. .

team capabilities

You can play music and audio content. Control music playback on diffusion with your voice or listen to the latest episodes of podcast it is particularly comfortable in the car environment. Thanks to its characteristics, it facilitates the animation of the kilometers traveled, for example, you can create a playlist on Amazon Music and command: “Alexa, play my playlist trip & rdquor ;.

Another advantage is that it allows you to make hands-free calls. With a voice command, anyone in the contact list is called, respecting road safety rules.

You can also take advantage of trips to review the agenda, add reminders or appointments and thus plan the day or the trip without wasting time.

Setting an alarm every 2 hours to take DGT-recommended breaks is very convenient and can be done by saying, “Alexa, remind me to stop for rest in 2 hours.”

Tranquility, security and leisure

Another of the advantages of the equipment is the control of digital home devices while driving or outdoors, since products and functions such as lights, thermostats or the doorbell/smart camera can be monitored from Echo Auto. It is also possible to prepare for your arrival at the holiday residence by switching on the air conditioning, raising the blinds or switching on the light in the garage.

It provides security values, as it provides useful information for the trip. From the weather to the location of the nearest gas station, or restaurant suggestions in the area. In this sense, Alexa helps to make the journey less stressful.

As for entertainment, it gives news from the favorite or requested station, commanding Echo Auto: “Alexa, tell me the news & rdquor;.

For fellow riders there’s the option to access driving-enabled games and for all audiences, by asking Alexa to open Veo Skills Veo, Pasapalabra or Choose Your Own Adventure, for example.

By pressing the “Enable/Disable the microphones” button, it is possible to disconnect them electronically whenever you wish, as well as to control, review or delete voice recordings.

“The Echo Auto allows us to enjoy a safer and more entertaining in-vehicle Alexa experience. Voice control from the vehicle avoids distractions and at the same time gives us endless options for entertainment, information and control of digital home. Alexa will help us with any questions that may arise during the journey: thanks to the different Skills that exist, we can book parking by voice or if we are looking for a place to refuel, Alexa will guide us to the stations – nearest service’ comment Andres Pazos, Alexa Sr. Business Development Manager in Spain.

Selection of Alexa Skills related to driving: Cepsa service stations; LetMePark – Skill to find parking and even book it; Bip&Drive – Skill to find gas stations or service areas.

Alexa on the go

As Andrés Pazos points out: “The latest developments, as well as the measures that Alexa has recently taken, move towards our main objective: to make the daily lives of our customers easier, more organized and more entertaining.” The capabilities built into Echo Auto would go in that same direction.

Currently, Alexa is useful in different areas, which has been largely possible thanks to the skills and community of developers. Today there are more than 130,000 skills in the world and more than 4,000 in Spain alone.

Pazos points out that: “With regard to Alexa, more and more we see that our voice service is increasingly present in Spanish homes. In 2021, Alexa users in Spain increased by 90% compared to the previous year, and Alexa received more than 5 million “I love you”. During the same period, more than three and a half billion interactions have been made between Spanish users and Alexa, of which 34% have more than one device connected to the house”

In Catalonia, according to a study carried out last year in Spain with market research firm IPSOS, 34% of Catalans said they had a smart device at home, while 16% planned to connect it in the coming months. When it comes to the benefits of having a Digital Home, 55% say the biggest benefit is that it makes life easier, allowing you to multi-task, as well as organizing calendars and reminders. Catalans surveyed for this study also highlighted home security and monitoring among the most valued attributes: 51% said they felt more protected having a digital home.” –

Auto Echo Highlights

It connects to the Alexa app on your phone and rings through your phone’s auxiliary audio input or Bluetooth connection. Incorporates the support for the ventilation grid included in the box.

It has 8 microphones and long-range technology, so you can hear the driver even with music and noise from the air conditioning or the road.

It is voice controlled via the Alexa app to listen to streaming content with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer, or radio stations from anywhere in the world with TuneIn.

Voice control plays music, news, makes calls, adds items to the to-do list, creates reminders, among other possibilities.

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The Echo Auto is also designed to protect privacy, pressing the “Microphones On/Off” button electronically disconnects them.

The price is around 60 euros.


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