Are there cars that park in Argentina?

We received a very timely question: are there cars that park in Argentina? Enter and find out which models are on sale.

Comfort equipment has made a huge leap in recent years, at the same time as technologies applied to electronics have progressed. Undoubtedly, autonomous driving is the culmination of these advances, but to achieve this, small steps were necessary, such as the parking assistant. Today we answer the question: Are there cars that park in Argentina?

And the answer is yes, there are cars that park in Argentina; and it is not an item exclusive to Premium brands, nor offered very recently. In fact, mid-range models have offered this sophisticated support for years. A balm for those who suffer when it comes to calculating places and parking a vehicle.

But before going to cars with automatic parking in Argentinawe briefly explain How it works the world known as Park Assist, or parking assistant, translated into Spanish (although each brand names it differently).

The system uses the parking sensors, that work with ultrasound to be able to measure the available places to park. They are governed by a electronic unit, a servotronic steering box and an electric motor who is responsible for turning the steering wheel to perform the maneuver

Would if you didn’t know, usually all the driver has to do is shift the gearbox and press or release the brake or accelerator. The rest of the maneuvers, and the dosage of the accelerator, will be in charge of the car.

What cars park in Argentina?

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

In 2014, the second generation of the French brand minivan arrived from Spain. At that time, it included, in the top-of-the-range versions, the Park Assist, which worked as follows:


What this system does is look for available spaces to park the vehicle parallel or perpendicular to the sidewalk, and perform the maneuvers. The driver must take their hands off the steering wheel, let the system carry out the automatic maneuvers and remember to brake, as automatic parking assistance does not stop the vehicle. you can read the Chevrolet Cruze Midnight review.

Chevrolet Onix More

We can say that it is the cheapest self-service car in Argentina. This compact sedan has the Easy Park system, which we test and give you details on this note.

Chevrolet Tracker

This system automatically controls the movements of the steering wheel, without you needing to use your hands, thanks to sensors that identify the places, whether horizontal or perpendicular. It does not help to get out of places.

Ford Focus

It was one of the first mid-range cars to feature the system. Moreover, this is not a minor detail, at that time the Focus was produced at the General Pacheco Ford plant.

The Parallel and perpendicular assisted parking system with “Pull Out” systemwas incorporated, in 2015 in the Titanium versions, and since later, in the SE Plus versions, so if you are looking to buy a used Focus model from 2015, surely bring it with you.

It works like this: once activated by the driver, the assistant is responsible for finding the place to park and making the necessary steering turns to complete the maneuver in parallel and also perpendicular spaces. At the time, the driver had to intervene on the pedals, but not anymore. Find out how the latest generation of Focus Parking Assist works:

Ford Mondeo

The fifth generation restyling, launched in Argentina in 2017, equipped the parking assistant. This system monitors the road for parallel or perpendicular gaps to the right or left where you could park.

After detecting an available space, the driver must shift into the gear requested on the screen for the vehicle to take control of the manoeuvre. From then on, the driver only has to operate the accelerator and the brake, while the system makes the necessary calculations to park in the detected place and automatically moves the direction until the maneuver be completed.

The front and rear proximity sensors emit an acoustic and visual alert which makes it possible to better calculate the parking distance or to warn of the presence of obstacles in the various manoeuvres.>

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Of course, premium brands offer semi-automatic or fully automatic parking systems. In the case of Mercedes, he calls it Parktronicand is present in the entry-level model.

Not only is it able to find parking spaces, but it also helps you get out of your chosen spot. It assists by assuming steering wheel rotation and, in vehicles with automatic transmissions, it can also accelerate, brake and change gears, which other systems in this ratio do not.

In parking holes perpendicular to the curb, the system assists you whether you are parking forwards or backwards; when parking parallel to the curb, only reverse. The video is in English, but you can activate the subtitles to understand what is explained there.

jeep compass

there are cars parking in argentina

Jeep calls its semi-automatic parking system Parking assistance. The sensors located at the front and rear are responsible for scanning the space available to perform the maneuver and indicating them on the dashboard. The same is offered from the Longitude Plus version.

Peugeot 208 GTI and XY

In 2013, when the 208 generation produced in Brazil was marketed, these two versions arrived from France with sophisticated equipment. Both equipped with Park Assist, which took control of the steering wheel and left the pedals (including the clutch) and the gearbox in control of the driver.

Unlike other mechanisms examined in this report, these 208s not only helped park the car, but also got it out of where it was parked.

Peugeot 3008 and 5008

The two models, which share many elements and even a platform, equip the system Parking assistance.

Using sensors for the front, rear and sides, the system provides automatic parking assistance. Well, it actually manages the steering, since the driver will be in charge of pressing the accelerator or the brake and making the changes (in the case of the versions with the MT box). It works in perpendicular parking as well as parallel to the sidewalk.

there are cars parking in argentina

At any time, the system provides the driver with visual and audible data so as not to fail in his intervention, and if he is not convinced, he can regain control of the car simply by holding the steering wheel. We invite you to read the peugeot 3008 test drive and the peugeot 5008 test drive.

Renault Koleos

The Renault Koleos not only parks parallel to the curb or perpendicularly, but also at 45º and the system even helps you get out of where you parked the device.

there are cars parking in argentina

Now you know there are cars parking in Argentina, as well as the operation of each of the systems. Finally, we invite you to search Driving test of the car you are looking for, or look at them in our YouTube channel.

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