5 keys that make Soul Auto the best auction platform for special cars

A team of professionals passionate about cars “with a soul” created Soul Auto, the pioneering auction platform for extraordinary vehicles in Spain. We tell you all the secrets of a model already successful in Europe and the United States.

There is no doubt that when buying or selling an item, we are mainly interested in two things: the process is simple and the price is right.

This, when talking about such a valuable and valuable asset as a car, becomes even more important, but it’s usually not easy. If we also talk about sports cars, young peoplespecial, collectible – in short, extraordinary – this process can be even more complex.

Soul Auto relies on a reliable and successful formula in other European countries and the United States

With the aim of providing buyers and sellers of this type of vehicle with a platform on which to carry out this type of operation, Soul Auto was born, a project created by a team passionate about special cars, sports cars and competition, who has professional careers dedicated to the creation and management of companies and this with automatic soul They seek to bring extraordinary cars to the market at a fair price for buyer and seller.

The company’s goal is to provide a agile, fair and respectful method for the purchase of unique cars and for sale. That’s how he gets it.

The 5 keys to Soul Auto

As we have already argued, Soul Auto serves as link between the sellers of special or classic cars and the buyers who are looking for themguaranteeing during the process a fair price for each of these cars.

Thus, the success of Soul Auto is based on these five premises:

  1. cars unique and specials.
  2. Presentation objective and detailed
  3. Price just for the seller and the buyer thanks to an agile and comfortable auction
  4. active promotion and clevercommunity +5,000 subscribers
  5. Possibility of verification and guarantee for vehicles

Soul Auto is based on a formula that has already proven itself in other European countries and in the United States. And it is that Soul Auto specializes in auction on line cars that stand out for something, be it their sporty character, their low number of units, their conservation or their exceptional qualities.

The trust of the client, whether buyer or seller, is paramount. To do this, Soul Auto focuses on providing an auction experience on line safe, smart and simple, but also fair for both parties. Not only with regard to the price of the vehicle, but also its condition, which Soul Auto details after making a analysis and evaluation of the same.

The passion for cars is one of the hallmarks of Soul Auto.

Since its launch last December, this pioneering automotive auction platform already has a community of nearly 5,000 subscribers, the first auction has already resulted in the first car sold; a Porsche 911 SC that its new owner is already enjoying after making the best of 82 bids in total.

Soul Auto’s promotion of each auction undoubtedly contributes significantly to this, with particular emphasis on the fact that bidders only bid if they are genuinely interested.

How to Auction in Soul Auto

Soul Auto’s bidding model is simple and effective. It can be summarized in the following six steps:

  1. Seller send information vehicle overview
  2. automatic soul values according to your specific criteria and a minimum booking price is agreed
  3. The seller sends the detailed photographs and all car information
  4. automatic soul project and design advertising, highlighting the value of the car
  5. Seller valid the announcement
  6. soulauto select a date at the start of the auction

And ready! The auction begins. During the whole process, a specialist accompanies the client with the aim of making the buying and selling experience as simple, transparent and successful as possible.

How to auction a car

Once the car has been validated and the information concerning it has been received and processed by Soul Auto, the potential buyer will have at his disposal everything necessary to assess the suitability of a to offer.

on the tab on line of each car, the interested party will find the Model Description and the time remaining for the realization of the offer. Additionally, you can access a large photo album.

A 1977 MG B 1800 will soon be auctioned at Soul Auto.

The car tab then displays a selection of highlights from that particular unit, along with a details of equipment and options this includes and the condition it is currently in, both bodywork, paintwork, mechanics and interiors.

Finally, a summary of the maintenance history, a general description and buyer’s premium, in addition to bidding history and comments from other interested parties. In short, everything you need to evaluate and bid without complications and with all the guarantees.

If the auction reaches the reserve price set by the seller, the process ends and the last bidder will be the lucky one to take this special car, otherwise the seller will have the opportunity to sell it at a closed price in the section “Buy now” from the web.

You dare?

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